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Ensemble de chambre à géométrie variable

Juan Antonio Nieto

Publié le 26 Janvier 2011 par Hypermoderne


Juan Antonio Nieto is a sound artist who signs some of his works under the name of Pangea.
His records have been published in labels around the world as Trente Oiseaux, Mandorla, Experimedia, Impulsive Habitat, Idiosyncratics, TestTube, AMP, among others. Pangea has collaborated with some of the most prestigious avant-garde artists of the world, Brazilian classical composer Leo Alves Vieira working with string quartets and choirs, the Japanese author Kenji Siratori who has voiced his compositions, the video artist Laura focarazzo and David Velez, among others. this latter release was considered the best album of 2007 by the journal Earlabs. His music has been included in art installations in the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid and the Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires. Pangea has performed in several European and American cities.



«The collaborative nature of spanish composer Juan Antonio Nieto has taken him into different journeys. What happens when the continental drift process suffers inversion? The union of intangible terrains is becoming more clear each second. At this point, we know that language is truly unstable and absolutely turbulent. We would like to be in control and arrest this flux of events that surround us… Its unexpected interventions always enter from different directions (South, North, East, and West) and keep you at the verge of a forgotten continent. A massive continent of sound once united when structures were inexistent. Pangea reminds you of those times before each of the component continents were separated into their current configuration… If you allow it, these forms are capable to join disperse theories and hypothesis in the depths of your mind.»- Sebastian Alvarez



About Texture and Granulation- Electronik music.

“like a homing device in constent hybridation of genres and ressources, that texture & granulation of Pangea is the signature of an artist who dialogues with previous observation and impressive demonstration, dark and abyssal, a gulf of antimatter in friction and we could expect less from a single EP – masterful”  No-Comment.

About Abrasive soul- Clinical Archives.

”one year later, and after a great and successfulistic "tradition" for test tube and more over, the impressive and so "between heart and brain" post-organic dialogue of Juan Antonio Nieto "combustion chamber" (tecnonucleo), this "abrasive soul" is not really a ... surprise - these 2 pieces simply confirm the deep attention of the author for that strange balance of power between flesh and ... sound, a demanding work”. No-Comment.


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